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Added: September 13 2017 03:41:14 PM
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From the latest column (September 8) of Five-0 Redux at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser:

The “Hawaii Five-0” season seven DVD contains a short film of “The Chun Family Legacy.”

The short focuses on Kam Fong, who played Chin Ho Kelly in the original “Hawaii Five-O.” Fong’s son, Dennis Chun, has played Sgt. Duke Lukela since the start of the current reboot, and released a heartfelt mahalo to the creators of “Hawaii Five-0,” as well as to the producers of the short, on his Facebook page on Friday.

“Want to express my appreciation to CBS and Peter Lenkov for including “The Chun Family Legacy” among the supplements for the “Hawaii Five-0” Season 7 DVD. A special mahalo goes to David Naylor for his dedication and commitment to this project. His creative professionalism was a key to the project’s successful conclusion.

I want to extend my most heartfelt and deepest aloha to Alex O’Loughlin, Chi McBride, Al Harrington, Kimo Kahoano and Emme Tomimbang for their participation. Know dad would have appreciated their kind words. Am so glad that my father’s story is once again being told for everyone to know. He certainly did not let adversity or heartbreak stop him from living and achieving his dreams. He touched and inspired so many during his life.

And in some ways, he and the original cast were certainly pioneers for until Leonard Freeman and CBS brought “Hawaii Five-0” to the airways the world had not seen such a multicultural or multiracial society as we have in Hawaii. For almost 50 years “Hawaii Five-0” has brought the hope of aloha to the world. For keeping that touch burning, all associated with “Hawaii Five-0” past and present deserve credit. But most of all, you the fans of both the original and the new show are the true custodians of that touch of aloha. Keep that light burning,” wrote Chun.

Added: September 13 2017 01:44:13 PM
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Kamehame Drive (same name as the mountain range that the road climbs) is not legally accessed by the public. You can go on Google Maps and check out the drive to a certain point. You do start the drive from near Koko Head, but you travel in the opposite direction. You can see Koko Head in several of the episodes when looking down. At some point, you reach a gate where you can't legally proceed any further. I think it's government property, so "the Military Road" makes sense.

I think Mr. Mike once pointed out a YouTube video that some young people made walking along the trails there. Very harrowing footage. I don't think that the trespassing signs are a major deterrent to a lot of people.

In Turkey Shoot at Makapuu, the Paragliders jump from the top of that range/road.

In lots of episodes, like Death is a Company Policy & The Late John Louisiana, you can see the letter "H" just off to the side of the road. No doubt a helipad marking.

Added: September 13 2017 12:01:14 PM
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Fred, I don't care much for the Tantalus episode either. Never did really. I love the car but I didn't think the episode was anything too special. The score by Pete Rugolo is really annoying too and sounds NOTHING like Five-O. There just isn't much suspense in the episode. And I know it's blasphemy but I prefer Rico Montalban as Tokura in "Samurai", a much more enjoyable performance.

You're right of course about Tantalus Drive. I drove down that winding road and it's mostly a residential area and the road twists and turns and has all this foliage and vines from the trees drooping overhead. You can see a shot of this in the MAGNUM PI intro with Magnum driving in his Ferrari down the twisty road. As you say they filmed the car racing scenes in this episode out in that deserted area above Waimanalo and around the area behind Koko crater I think. We see this area quite a lot in different episodes but we never see how to actually get out there. Is this area even accessible today? I'd love to make it out there on my next trip! I'm guessing first you have to make your way around Koko creater (not sure if there's a road that goes around the back) and then from there I'm guessing you keep driving until you get to the edge of the cliff overlooking Waimanalo. Again, I'm really hazy about this whole area out there in the "boonies". For some reason I have it in my head that that area is inaccessible these days. Maybe someone can clarify.

Added: September 13 2017 10:59:22 AM
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I have restored the Discussion Forum (Guestbook) Archives ( ... sort of.

I wanted to make the beginning and ending of each page consistent as well as remove some parts of the HTML code that could cause problems.

As you can see from the above link, there are a LOT of pages. I was about halfway through the above changes, and then realized that I had not changed the expression "Guestbook" to "Discussion Forum." So I had to go back and do those pages again, which theoretically was a huge pain in the ass, but turned out to be a relatively simple search-and-replace issue.

Then when I finally finished all of the pages yesterday, I realized that there were a lot of links in the postings which were still pointing to the version of the site, instead of the updated UGH!!

I will hopefully fix these sometime soon, though I am wondering if should even bother, as if anyone is going to read any of these archives!

At least I learned how to make a printable list of all the pages which contain references to after searching for this in downloaded files from my site in Windows File Manager.

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News release: Apple unveiled its newest phone, the iPhone X (pronounced like the number 10). X uses facial recognition to unlock the phone. Apple puts it at a one-in-a-million chance that random people could unlock their iPhone with their faces, though it's more likely if you're related.


Someone should write a Five-Zero script where some guy is kidnapped. The kidnappers, being stupid and/or cheap, want to use this guy's iPhone to contact the guy's relatives, except they have beaten the guy's face very badly so he cannot be "recognized" and it will not "recognize" them (the kidnappers) to let them use his phone.

Added: September 13 2017 09:02:11 AM
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I'm a big fan of The Odd Lot Caper. Outstanding villains and the crime itself quite creative & inventive. Another reason I like the episode McG & HFO team really have nothing. They piece together from the son's description of the torch a description of Jersey. He purchased the 4 torches the guy selling the torches had a receipt. From Jersey, it leads to the rest of the gang. Percentage is plenty of fun. Twists & turns. Love the scene when the man said he wasn't paying. It was a crooked game. Milton Seltzer was sweating it. Love the end when McGarrett says, "Murder, no percentage." JC

Added: September 13 2017 03:09:03 AM
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I thought Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain was great when I first saw it. The more I watch it, however, the less I like it. Plus, there are a couple of location issues. The biggest is that Montalban is not racing down Tantalus Mountain. Tantalus is actually a street with lots of residential homes and it leads to the well known Tantalus Lookout. It's featured in the episodes with the fake airline ticket scam. Montalban is actually racing down that road that they refer to on the show sometimes as "the military road". It's featured in a score of episodes like Stringer, Death is a Company Policy and others. The top of the road overlooks the Anderson Estate near Waimanalo. Kamehame Drive.

I also used to like The Child Stealers as well. Over time, I guess I liked the plot less and less.

I can understand sentimental attachments like what Ringfire has with Little Girl Blue. The story line is actually better than the previous bunker "Candy" episode, but it's a retread, using the same film. And that just doesn't cut it for me.

As far as Percentage is concerned, I've become a huge fan of Milton Selzer. So, I probably have my own sentimental attachment to that episode. I agree that Odd Lot Caper can be hard to follow, but I like the ruthlessness of the plot. Journey out of Limbo, is ok. I just wish MacArthur was a little bit of a better actor.

I have Season 6 ready to post soon. :)

Added: September 12 2017 02:54:13 PM
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Yes "Chain of Events" is a good one with good detective work but it's low on my list because there are others which are much better. "Journey Out of Limbo" is a classic. It's pretty far-fetched (like "Here Today") but its pure entertainment and suspense value is hard to beat. I always loved amnesia stories anyway. Plus there's an excellent Richard Shores score during all those flashback scenes!

Added: September 12 2017 12:14:54 PM
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Nice list Season 5. Most agree "V" for Vashon would be in Top 5 episodes in that series. The VD episode Chain Of Events surprised me. I had never seen that episode until last Winter. It was a pretty cool episode. It was good detective work tracking down the VD patient and going next in the chain. Journey Out Of Limbo is a good episode. It seems to be a loved or hated episode by the Classic HFO fans. It's convoluted the way he tried to kill the Chinese man. Enjoyed how McG & HFO team worked together on what Danno could have seen in the bunker. That's some excellent camera work when the explosion happens outside the boat and McG and guys go into the air. Maybe, an enterprising Classic HFO fan with a stuntman or stuntwoman background can conduct an experiment to see if Danny could have jumped into the sand truck with the high sides at an extreme height. The Listener was well-written episode and a brilliant criminal. JC

Added: September 12 2017 12:25:38 AM
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My picks for season 5...

1. "V" for Vashon: The Father
2. "V" for Vashon: The Patriarch
3. "V" for Vashon: The Son
4. Journey Out of Limbo
5. The Listener
6. Thanks for the Honeymoon
7. Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die?
8. Little Girl Blue
9. Here Today... Gone Tonight
10. The Child Stealers
11. Death is a Company Policy
12. Pig in a Blanket
13. Engaged to be Buried
14. I'm a Family Crook -- Don't Shoot
15. The Jinn Who Clears the Way
16. Fools Die Twice
17. Jury of One
18. You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich, But it Helps
19. The Clock Struck Twelve
20. Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain
21. The Diamond That Nobody Stole
22. Chain of Events
23. The Odd Lot Caper
24. Percentage

Fred, my 2 least favorites of the season are 2 that you curiously have in your top 10. I can't believe you would put them ahead of a classic like "The Listener" which you leave off the list. They're not bad episodes but a bit too convoluted for my liking. If you pay close attention you can follow them alright and make sense of it all. But a day later I'll be darned if I can remember what it was all about. I know one was about some forged or stolen stock (or was it bond) certificates and the other about some gambling debts. Just don't ask me to explain what happened.

The most frustrating episode for me is "The Diamond That Nobody Stole" because it's actually a very solid episode throughout until like the last 3 minutes where it all goes to hell. I actually just viewed this episode. Grrrr!! Djebara is killed and McGarrett magically knows that it was Madame Souvang who is responsible and he magically knows where she is (meeting with the Russian guy) and somehow she magically has the microfilm that Djebara had just recovered from the cat burglar Sammy York and somehow she was magically able to switch this real microfilm with a fake one (which is now in the possession of the dead Djebara) and somehow she magically knew that Djebara had dealings with this Russian dude and that he was expecting the microfilm from Djebara. Wheew! Oh, and apparently Djebara was some sort of traitor to her country and therefore deserved to die. Huh??? But he wasn't selling her country's secrets to the Russians, it was American secrets. The same secrets which she herself has just handed over to the Russkie. So what is she babbling about?? No wonder McGarrett looks confused by the whole thing. We all are. I have no idea why someone decided to derail this episode with only 3 minutes to go by introducing all this extraneous nonsense, none of which makes sense.

Added: September 11 2017 08:47:27 PM
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Fred, interesting picks for season 5. We all have varied tastes it seems. I'm a fan of "Family Crook" but it probably won't make my top 10 for the season, only because there are so many other strong episodes there. Andy Griffith is one of my all-time favorite actors (huge fan of both MATLOCK and ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW) and the episode certainly benefits greatly from his presence, but it just doesn't have the same charm and sense of fun adventure that the Filer episodes do. Even Morton Stevens's score isn't as memorable as for those episodes. Again, big fan of Andy but his Arnold Lovejoy just can't compete with the great Hume Cronyn. Very good episode but not an all-time classic for me. It's more on the level of "Great Paperhangers".

"Engaged to be Buried" is a powerful episode but what always irks me at the end is when Rono gets shot Alia shrieks in horror and drops down to him crying her eyes out for him - the same guy who just seconds ago held her hostage at gunpoint and was ready to blow away her old man. That's crazy! What the hell is she moping about?? Spit on the dude and move on, girl! He would have killed you and your old man. The dude was scum and here she is moping and crying that "you don't know what he could have been". Huh?? Gimme a break!

Big fan of "Little Girl Blue", even though it's basically a retread of "Candy and a Gun". I still find it very suspenseful. I saw this episode first, before "Candy".

I agree with you on "Clock Struck Twelve". I don't think it's a dud but the problem is that the villain is so bland and non-descript (no doubt one of the lamest villains on the show). Manu Tupou did such a fine job as the Samoan Tasi in the previous season, but here as this Abraham Maleha he's just a very dull character. He's some Hawaiian nationalist but that's it - we know nothing more about the guy. He's an enigma. The episode has a suspenseful opening with these mysterious guys walking around the building planting bombs all over the place and McGarrett has a great speech to the jailed vigilantes, but it really lacks a strong antagonist.

Added: September 10 2017 02:00:30 PM
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Great List Fred! I have Engaged To Be Buried as #1 Season 5 and #1 Classic HFO of all time. There are many memorable scenes that stick with me. The flight to Father Jack's, Chin Ho's talk with Alia in the office, the runaway bomb car and the cop trying to stop it, Rono shooting Father Jack, many more. My guess the Vashon's would be #2 #3 #4 for Season 5. Most likely, The Patriarch, The Father, The Son. Probably The Family Cop Don't Shoot episode #5. My guess Season 5 the weakest of the one's listed so far. Glad you mentioned the Percentage. An underrated gem. Plenty of twists and turns. I like when the guy talks about percentages. He said, "We are dead anyway." Love that talk with the nervous bookkeeper. JC

Added: September 08 2017 10:17:35 PM
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My Season 5 top 10:

1 - I'm a Family Crook - Don't Shoot!
2 - 'V' for Vashon - The Father
3 - Thanks for the Honeymoon
4 - 'V' for Vashon - The Patriarch
5 - 'V' for Vashon - The Son
6 - Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die?
7 - Percentage
8 - The Odd Lot Caper
9 - Engaged to be Buried
10 - Here Today...Gone Tonight

Season 5 has a lot of strong episodes. Just missing the cut: You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich - But it Helps., Pig in a Blanket, The Listener, The Jinn Who Clears the Way and Fools Die Twice

I like the humor element in I'm a Family Crook. Andy Griffith gives a great performance. And the ending, where they try to scam the cab driver only to find out that it's Ben driving, is a classic.

Thanks for the Honeymoon is very good. Patty Duke plays a great authoritative woman. Her walking in on Manola at the end, with the slow play theme music going, is also a classic ending. But I can do without the side story of another McGarrett flame from the past.

I know John likes Engaged to be Buried. He's right. It's great. Irene Tsu is very good as Chin's daughter, even though she's 30 years old at the time. The theme reminds me of Kono and Adam in the reboot, although Alia is not exactly 5-O.

My duds from the season include Little Girl Blue and The Clock Struck Twelve.

Added: September 08 2017 02:28:59 PM
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If you write it, they will come... :D

Added: September 08 2017 09:53:01 AM
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Yeah, sure, Peter...

Added: September 08 2017 05:55:05 AM
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According to an e-mail conversation I had with the boss of CBS Home Entertainment a few years ago, Blu-Rays of the new show are unavailable from season 4 on because there was "no commercial potential" in them, as Frank Zappa used to say.

This is only in North America, though. There are Blu-Rays of seasons 4-6 available in Europe and other jurisdictions, which you can buy on at inflated prices. Whether these are region-free or not is a good question, because it says they are not at Amazon, but I have heard otherwise.

Considering this, I think it is very unlikely that Blu-Rays of the old show will be released, since the market for DVDs of the old show has been tapped numerous times with not only individual seasons, but also two box sets (at least) of the complete series.

Anyway, most DVD players these days have upscaling to 1080p or whatever, so you can get near-Blu-Ray quality that way, since many of the DVD remasterings of the old show already have outstanding quality.

Added: September 08 2017 05:32:47 AM
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3,000 Crooked Miles To Honolulu and R&R&R I think are 2 underrated episodes Season 4 and the Classic HFO catalogue. Both interesting episodes. I wonder when the criminals blasted the armored car...Would the traveler's checks have also been destroyed? It was risky to do that. Also, shooting the guy and killing the man in the hospital was a big red flag. However, planting the checks in Philly some of them and taking out the girl before she could put out the check numbers...It was a brilliant plan especially spending them on the weekend.
R&R&R is a FAV of mine. Ralston supposedly discharged mentally unstable gets revenge on his old unit. He shows to be organized the way he plans the murders of the wives and gets away with a few. He presses his luck though. McG finds out the suspect working with the officers. Plenty of good detective work here. One of the best endings in HFO history as McGarrett battles face to face with Ralston on the parked airplane. McG shoots and kills Ralston but a filleted hand for his trouble. JC

Added: September 07 2017 10:48:30 PM
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Ok, I'm mulling season 5 in my head... :)

Ben, I don't think there's any word on Five-O blu rays yet. Maybe some day. Though it doesn't make much difference to me. The DVDs are fine remastered quality so I'm more than happy with them. I won't be double dipping.

Added: September 07 2017 06:31:55 PM
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Fred, I like your choice #1 For A Million...Why Not? Season 4. Such a detailed and interesting episode. Definitely 1 of my FAVS. The criminals should have gotten away with the millions. It was an amazing plan. Hawkins was the leader and a villain type. Good cast of actors.
Rest In Peace, Somebody fell short of the Top 5. I guess what disappointed me that he painted the line to the target, the Governor. Why give McGarrett any type of notice or advantage? As an ex-police officer, he would know McG and the HFO would protect the Governor. He was later killed in his attempt to murder the Governor.
Skinhead also was considered for the Top 5. Very powerful episode. I guess one of my problems with it that the Skinhead's involvement was just as violent as the later assault. They concentrated on the rape but the Skinhead beat up and roughed up the young woman. He in my eyes deserved a long sentence. JC

Added: September 06 2017 03:57:31 PM
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Good, the Classic HFO fans & watchers now listing their FAVS Season 4. I'll go Top 5 since extrapolating it out would be just guesswork, splitting hairs so to speak. My Top 5: 1.Highest Castle, Deepest Grave 2.Didn't We Meet At A Murder? 3.The Ninety-Second War 4.3,000 Crooked Miles To Murder 5. TIE For A Million...Why Not? R&R&R. The Bottom Episodes would be: Follow The White Brick Road, Cloth Of Gold, The Burning Ice, Two Doves & Mr. Heron.
Rest In Peace, Somebody strong episode but loses some of its mystery when the angry ex-police officer paints the path to the Governor's door. There's also questions about the amount of paint in the small can reaching the Governor's door. The Candy episode with the sniper was very good but I would have like to see more people shot more carnage before the police arrived. Most of the episode he's hunkered down on the hill. JC

Added: September 05 2017 11:43:39 PM
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Not to sidetrack from the good discussion going on about Season 4, but I wonder if Five-O will ever make it to Blu-ray?

Added: September 05 2017 05:51:37 PM
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I used to think long ago that season 3 was superior to season 4 but nowadays I disagree. In fact I had a harder time coming up with my season 4 ranking because most of the episodes are so equally good. My entire middle section (episodes 6-16) is a bunch of episodes which are pretty much tied (hard to even rank those). Even the lower episodes are really quite good - Burning Ice, Air Cargo, White Brick Road. All of them in season 4 are better than the likes of Dear Enemy or Last Eden or even Paniolo. Season 4 is also the season where the show got "gritty". I've also been watching a bit of season 2 and I can't really say that season 3 was a marked improvement over that season. I just think the first 4 seasons were all uniformly excellent.

Haha, yeah that was pretty bad filming the underwater stuff in Cloth of Gold inside the tank at Sea Life Park. I understand that they probably wanted to film some of those exotic fish up close and personal and that's all fine and dandy, but why pan the camera upwards to show the clearly visible circular ceiling of the tank? They could have easily cut away and did that small part for real underwater in the ocean. I mean how much effort is that? Can't be much. We saw them out on the boat in the next scene anyway. Just let the cameraman do a quick dive. Send the diver down or whatever. Heck it didn't even have to be in deep water. It's not like the tank where they filmed was that deep anyway.

Added: September 05 2017 05:45:41 PM
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Season 4 Top 10:

1 - For a Million,...Why Not?
2 - Skinhead
3 - 3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu
4 - Rest in Peace Somebody
5 - Wednesday, Ladies Free
6 - No Bottles, No Cans, No People
7 - Didn't We Meet at a Murder
8 - Two Doves and Mr. Heron
9 - The Burning Ice
10 - Good Night Baby, Time to Die

I do have an issue with For a Million...Why, Not. What's the odds of finding exactly all 8 pieces of type that were recently used in the pile of hundreds or thousands of pieces? Not one too many or too less. Didn't the printer have any other recent jobs? Still, it's my favorite from a season of slightly weaker shows.

Just missing the top 10 was Cloth of Gold and its totally fake ocean filming of Manoa saving Akamia when you can see through the top of the water and see a wooden circle type structure which happens to be the top of the huge fish tank at Sea Life Park. Then see them reemerge to the surface in the ocean.

I'm with Ringfire in as much as I'm not crazy about The Ninety Second War. While there is some intrigue, the story is just not that interesting. How many episodes are there these long term set ups to nail a 5-O guy when needed? This one, "Cry Lie" and "Death is a Company Policy" at least. At even though McGarrett was formerly a Navy Commander, why would the military put him in charge? While it could make sense because it's happening in McGarrett's backyard, I just don't see the military handing it over to McGarrett so easily.

Added: September 05 2017 03:02:17 PM
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How many times are they going to keep hitting us with "Duclair the lovable serial arsonist/murderer escapes prison" storyline?

We've seen Duclair as a vicious villain, and we've seen him as a semi-noble lesser-of-two-evils who saved beloved character Adam.

Maybe it's time to transfer Duclair to another state, because clearly Hawaiian prisons can't hold him.

And a cartoon version of the "car-guement"? Oh brother...

Added: September 05 2017 01:56:42 AM
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Ok, here we go - season 4. Countdown time. I'm splitting up "The Ninety-Second War" because parts 1 and 2 are of wildly varying quality for me.

1. Rest in Peace, Somebody 2. And I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots 3. Wednesday, Ladies Free 4. R&R&R 5. Cloth of Gold
6. Didn't We Meet at a Murder? 7. While You're At It, Bring in the Moon 8. Odd Man In 9. Good Night, Baby - Time to Die 10. Bait Once, Bait Twice
11. Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise? 12. No Bottles...No Cans...No People 13. 3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu 14. For a Million...Why Not? 15. Skinhead
16. A Matter of Mutual Concern 17. Highest Castle, Deepest Grave 18. The Burning Ice 19. The Ninety-Second War, Part I 20. Nine, Ten, You're Dead
21. Air Cargo - Dial for Murder 22. Follow the White Brick Road 23. Two Doves and Mr. Heron 24. The Ninety-Second War, Part II

Of course #1 is my all-time favorite Five-O episode. Playing judge, tin idol! You stink worse, dummy.

Added: September 04 2017 09:44:43 PM
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Hey alpha, good to see you around again! Feel free to visit more often.

Added: September 03 2017 04:30:34 PM
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Thanks for the quick turnaround on the fix Mike! :)

Added: September 03 2017 02:27:49 PM
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Hi Mike, I was checking out your site after a long absence and noticed that your classic URL now generates a 404 Error. Unfortunately, 5-0log9.htm and offices.htm have absolute links to, and those links no longer work. Would you please update these to be relative links to Thank you. [Thanks, I have fixed this. - MQ]

Added: September 02 2017 08:02:00 PM
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I have just uncovered another 13th season episode. See the bottom of the page...

Added: September 03 2017 07:58:16 AM
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Season 4 Classic Hawaii Five-O.
I don't think Season 4 is as collectively brilliant as Seasons 3 and 6 but Season 4 does showcase the excellent The Ninety-Second War. I think Part I The Ninety-Second War on a short list of BEST of the series. McGarrett is framed brilliantly by Wo Fat. McG has to be extricated from a vehicle, he's temporarily paralyzed, flies to Switzerland, meets his double...Doesn't get much better than that.
Sorry to hear Richard Anderson passed at 91. I remember him as the lawyer in The Child Stealers. JC

Added: September 01 2017 05:36:08 PM
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RIP, Richard Anderson. Fine and dependable character actor. I don't think there was a show that he didn't appear in. He guested a total of 5 times on THE BIG VALLEY (a show that only ran 4 seasons) and just 2 days ago I saw him on an episode of THE RIFLEMAN where he played a smooth-talking traveling book/flower seeds salesman who strangled women who were alone while their husbands were away.

Added: September 01 2017 03:23:57 PM
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Anal-ysis demonstrates that it's not unusual for the Five-Zero season premiere to be hyped around a month ahead of its broadcast:

1 - Aug 23, 2010 (Sept 20)
2 - Aug 18, 2011 (Sept 19)
3 - Aug 23, 2012 (Sept 24)
4 - Aug 27, 2013 (Sept 27)
5 - Aug 28, 2014 (Sept 26)
6 - Aug 25, 2015 (Sept 25)
7 - Aug 31, 2016 (Sept 23)
8 - Aug 31, 2017 (Sept 29)

Added: September 01 2017 09:02:21 AM
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Why does CBS H50 press release for S08E01 refer to "car-guements"? Hello, how do you spell "arguments"? Duh!

Added: September 01 2017 08:10:46 AM
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Maybe one of the S08 Five-Zero episodes will be the H50 equivalent of Star Trek S03E01, Spock’s Brain, which, according to Wikipedia, is “seen by both fans, and those who took part in its production, as the worst episode of the series.” McGarrett’s brain will be mysteriously removed, and Masi Oka will return as Max to help restore it. On coming back to life, McGarrett, after listening to both Max and Danno’s incessant stupid chatter, will kill them both.

Added: September 01 2017 08:04:20 AM
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From Twitter:

Stephen Bowie‏ @smilingcobra
Through the '80s, there was a rule of thumb that an actor could guest on a show in a new role up to once a year without confusing viewers...

I'm seeing this all over the place with Streets of San Francisco.

What are instances of the same actor playing different roles on H50?

And who holds the record for multiple roles in the same (or more than one) season who is a member of the Five-O "stock company" (i.e., Jimmy Borges, Tommy Fujiwara, Danny Kamekona, George Herman, Terry Plunkett, Elissa, etc.?

Added: September 01 2017 07:50:18 AM
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"The season premiere includes animation of one of McGarrett and Danny’s infamous “car-guements.”

Well, it was bound to happen, given the cartoon nature of this show.

Added: September 01 2017 04:02:12 AM
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Sad news to report. Richard Anderson has passed away. He played the cold blooded baby buyer in "The Child Stealers" and wad perhaps most famously known as Oscar Goldman on The Six Million Dollar Man.

Added: August 31 2017 10:40:31 PM
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Just rewatched my season 2 favorite "The Singapore File" and its greatness never diminishes. Great suspense, score, the chemistry between Jack and Marj is the best ever on the show, and the whole thing just feels like a movie. It just has this overseas exotic on-the-run flavor to it (even though most of it was shot on Oahu). One thing to note is that Victor, the guy dressed in white pursuing Nicole, is Lew Kelso, Toomey's partner in "The Payoff". Fred, take note! ;)

Added: August 31 2017 09:12:44 PM
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Guys, I'm pondering my season 4 ranking. This is tougher than I thought! Will post soon...

Added: August 31 2017 07:20:36 PM
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“'A'ole e 'ōlelo mai ana ke ahi ua ana ia” – McGarrett and Danny recruit Tani Rey (Meaghan Rath) to join the task force when diabolical hacker Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence) releases a dangerous arsonist from prison, on the eighth season premiere of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Sept. 29 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. The season premiere includes animation of one of McGarrett and Danny’s infamous “car-guements.” Also, Randy Couture returns, and Joey Lawrence joins his brother, Andrew, when he guest stars as Aaron Wright, a hacker.

“'A'ole e 'ōlelo mai ana ke ahi ua ana ia” is Hawaiian for “Fire Will Never Say that It Has Had Enough”

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Todd, Masi Oka made the following comment after DDK's FB post regarding his leaving the show:

I found the quote by looking thru Oka's Twitter feed... nnouncement-doesn-t-fix-cbs-larger-diversity-problem

Oka emailed a statement to NPR:

"I was as saddened as anyone to learn of Daniel and Grace leaving Hawaii Five-0 but I, probably more so than most, understand their reason for doing so. Sometimes you have to draw the line in the sand for something you believe in and something for which you stand. While pay equality was not my personal primary decision to leave ... I support [Kim] and [Park] in their decision to stand up for what they believe is right."

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Todd, Mike gives "One Born Every Minute" 3 stars so he definitely doesn't think it's mediocre. It's an episode that is strangely overlooked or at least doesn't get talked much about, but when it's talked about I only hear good things about it. I don't recall anyone who disliked it, here or elsewhere.

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One Born Every Minute is likely my #1 overall. Love that show. Lots of great scenery, a nice looking woman in Lynette Mettey, lots of irregular regulars, including Jimmy Borges and a decent plot.

I had The Joker's Wild as my #3 episode from season 2, but it was tough to pick the top 3 from that and Just Lucky, I Guess and Singapore File.

Can we at least agree that drawing a deuce on the river to win $8.15 million was lucky?

Added: August 30 2017 04:38:42 PM
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Regarding the "top 25" list everyone is debating, I agree with Mike that it's not all that bad, provided you just forget the bottom 5 and make it a Top 20.

There is a notable omission of "Draw Me a Killer", as well as "Nightmare in Blue", but the episodes they chose in the top 20 were mostly very good.

There is a lot of subjectivity in Five-O fandom of certain episodes.

For example, "One Born Every Minute" seems to be popular on IMDB, and it was also one of my favorites. ringfire211 also said he really liked it. However, Mike and some others here have rated it as a mediocre episode.

I also really liked "Steal Now--Pay Later", which doesn't seem to be on anyone else's "best" list.

I'm happy that list had "The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild", as I also feel that was a top episode which is often overlooked.

And regarding "Over 50? Steal!", I was disappointed by it. I read all about that episode in the 1990s before actually seeing it, and expected the best episode of all time. Instead, I found it to be good, but not great. Might be heresy to say this, but I wouldn't put "Over 50? Steal!" in my top 20 list.

Added: August 30 2017 02:01:09 PM
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As we are not too far away from the start of Season 8 of Five-Zero (about 4 weeks), I would like to discuss the interesting way that writers/producers dealt with the uncertain contract situations of three of the four main stars.

I found it highly unusual that there were several episodes in Season 7 making reference to possible reasons three of the cast members would leave.

Danno was possibly going to start a restaurant and get back together with his ex-wife, Rachel.

Chin was possibly going to move to San Francisco, marry Abby, and head up a Five-Zero-like task force in that city.

Kono, shown to be increasingly emotional regarding the plight of girls kidnapped for forced prostitution, was finally shown to be on a plane to track down a human trafficking network on the mainland.

None of these were resolved in the final episode of Season 7, yet none of these were dramatic cliffhangers.

As Mike pointed out in his S7E25 review, this was because all of the cast members except O'Loughlin were not signed yet for Season 8.

As we all know, Kono and Chin will not be returning, so presumably Chin will be said to have taken that San Francisco job, and Kono will be said to be chasing down sex traffickers all over the mainland.

That's an incredibly clean exit for what appeared to be an abrupt departure of two of the show's four stars.

It also seemed that Danno's story (the restaurant) was presented as less imminent, almost as if they felt they were more building toward a future series finale with it, rather than Caan's departure (though they could have used it for that, too).

I don't recall any other shows writing multiple-episode storylines regarding the possible departure of its stars, without the contract situation of those stars having been decided either way.

I wonder how Caan, Park, and Kim felt acting out these scenes setting up their departure?

And I especially wonder why this was never referenced in all of the stories I read regarding Park and Kim ultimately leaving.

I have a feeling that the writing was on the wall for a long time regarding Kim and Park's departure, thus the multiple references throughout later Season 7 regarding their reasons for possibly leaving.

Anyone think that Kim and Park demanded equal pay for Season 8 about a year ago, and wouldn't budge, thus giving writers/producers a lot of time coming up with a clean way to write them off?

Oh, and how silly will the already-lame farewell to Max episode look, now that two of the main four characters are leaving without any emotional party? I felt that entire sequence was really forced -- almost like this was some concession they made to Masi Oka.

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Fred, see, now THAT is a more accurate ranking. Vashon, Hookman, Over Fifty all at the very top where they belong! My personal favorite Rest In Peace is in there too. The only one that is curiously missing is the undisputed classic I'll Kill 'Em Again. I also feel Chain of Events doesn't belong there. But by and large it's an accurate representation of some of the show's all-time best episodes.

P.S. I'd love to see the list where someone lists "...A Bird in Hand" as the #1 best. Poor Mike would probably get an aneurysm or take some sort of legal action against such a person. :p :D

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It's difficult to find a consensus on many seasons of Classic HFO. There are many high quality episodes especially Seasons 3 and 6 and throughout the series. I've seen many Classic HFO forum posters list their Top 5's and Top 10's and they have different FAVs presented. These lists challenge me to evaluate my list and leads me to watching an episode. Shows the depth and quality of the episodes. Most Classic HFO fans would agree The Vashon episodes, Nine Dragons,Draw Me A Killer, Hookman, Over Fifty? Steal would be in most Top 10 and Top 20 lists. Over Fifty? Steal I think maybe 15 now on my list. Evaluating episodes will push some up or down. I currently have Engaged To Be Buried #1 and Hookman #2 but that could change again. JC

Added: August 29 2017 03:35:16 PM
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Here is a top 25 list from IMDB viewer ratings along with their rating on a 1-10 scale, followed by Nr. Mike's ratings:

Over Fifty? Steal - 9.1, 4.0
'V' for Vashon: The Father - 8.8, 4.0
Hookman - 8.7, 4.0
'V' for Vashon: The Son - 8.6, 4.0
'V' for Vashon: The Patriarch - 8.4, 4.0
Retire in Sunny Hawaii... Forever - 8.4, 4.0
One Born Every Minute - 8.4, 3.0
Nine Dragons - 8.3, 4.0
Chain of Events - 8.3, 3.0
The Jinn Who Clears the Way - 8.2, 3.5
One Big Happy Family - 8.2, 4.0
The Listener - 8.2, 3.0
Draw Me a Killer - 8.2, 4.0
Rest in Peace, Somebody - 8.1, 3.5
Death with Father - 8.1, 3.5
A Capitol Crime - 8.1, 3.0
Tour De Force, Killer Aboard - 8.1, 3.0
3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu - 8.1, 3.0
Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born - 8.1, 4.0
The Last of the Great Paperhangers - 8.0, 3.0
Dealer's Choice... Blackmail - 8.0, 3.0
Murder Is a Taxing Affair - 8.0, 3.0
Death Is a Company Policy - 8.0, 2.5
Trouble in Mind - 8.0 , 4.0
Skinhead - 8.0, 4.0

4.0 – 12
3.5 – 3
3.0 – 9
2.5 -1

Added: August 29 2017 11:58:43 AM
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That's right, Fred. The corresponding pics totally don't match the episodes. The whole thing just has a haphazard feel, like it was thrown together without much preparation or thought. Especially the episode choices. Even the Vashon episodes are all scattered around. Those belong together as one. And certainly "The Father" is a stronger entry than "The Son". I like "Deadly Courier" (for a season 11 episode) but what's it doing on that list? "Frozen Assets"? "Invitation to Murder" where McGarrett becomes Agatha Christie? Gimme a break! Seems like a rush job to me. Or maybe those are all the episodes that the person has seen. Who knows? "Cry, Lie" is a popular choice because it's Chin-centric. But it wouldn't make my top 25. Even though it's very good. But just from the 6th season alone you could pick out 10 episodes (easy!!) to put into your top 25.

Added: August 29 2017 11:33:35 AM
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