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Ok, I'm gonna make the impossible possible by ranking all the season 1 episodes. Of course none of this is set in stone (with maybe the exception of the top 5) but as of right now this is what my season 1 ranking looks like. "Cocoon" is included as well.

1. The Box 2. Deathwatch 3. Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born 4. Tiger by the Tail 5. One for the Money
6. Full Fathom Five 7. King of the Hill 8. Cocoon 9. Strangers in Our Own Land 10. Six Kilos
11. And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin 12. Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember 13. The Ways of Love 14. Samurai 15. Twenty-Four Karat Kill
16. Along Came Joey 17. Up Tight 18. The Big Kahuna 19. By the Numbers 20. Face of the Dragon
21. Once Upon a Time 22. No Blue Skies 23. Not That Much Different

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ERIC-You brought up some good points. We have discussed The Case Against Philip Christie Season 11 on the forum before a few times. I would have voted NOT GUILTY if I was on the jury because I don't think they the prosecution proved Christie did it. McG does ask the judge through the back channels if they could see the Christie house and recreate the Philip party and Penny's murder. That's the Judge's fault. I think he was just as interested if Christie committed the crime or not. I like how McG & the jurors narrow the possible suspects through the testimony. Agree the Judge talks making the verdict about the evidence and testimony presented in Court. Say they didn't do the re-creation of the Penny murder...The lawyer could still appeal the verdict entering some of the PI's findings if Philip was found guilty. I think the forum was split on the episode. Some brought up the things you noticed. I liked the episode. JC

Added: August 13 2017 02:43:29 AM
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I was watching "The Case Against Philip Christie" and as a "Five-O" episode it is ridiculous. What it really is, is a "Perry Mason" script shoehorned into "Five-O" and it is no coincidence that writer Seeleg Lester, was the producer of "Perry Mason" for two seasons and wrote 18 episodes.

1-McGarrett's whole demonstration bit at the climax where he is indeed acting like a defense attorney. That's Mason in all details.

2-The unprofessional moments of Danno and Duke snooping about during the case where McGarrett is on the jury? Classic "Paul Drake snoops about to find out more" scene.

3-The tag gives us Danno asking "How did you figure the killer would go along with the demonstration?" is straight out of the standard "Mason" tag scene wrapup where Della and Paul would always have one final "How could you be sure the murderer would....?" question for Perry to answer and sum things up.

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I was having some problems with this forum format, so I have reinstalled everything as if I started it from scratch and made a few modifications. You will see some changes here soon enough if you make a posting. Please read the stern red warning below and the "Click here before your first post" link above if you have not done so. If you have any questions or problems, please contact me through the e-mail address on the site's main page. The changes I made here have not been implemented on the "Other" TV Shows Forum yet.

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Anti-spam measures have been implemented with "fire and fury" on the site, LOL. Do NOT under any circumstances post links or e-mail addresses, or your access to the forum will be blocked. Other things may cause you to be kicked off the site as well. It is very important that you keep a copy of things you post to the forum, so if there is a problem, I can examine the posting and determine what went wrong. If you get blocked from posting, then contact me through the e-mail link on the site's main page.

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From Entertainment Weekly:

Anything on the Hawaii Five-0 team in season 8?

I hear there's going to be another new member of the team -- but it's definitely not who (or what!) you're expecting. "There is a story that's coming up, it actually was Alex O'Loughlin's idea," EP Peter Lenkov says. "I wanted to do a story where the victim left in the wake of a tragedy was a dog who lost its owner. It's a very emotional, really great story. It's a dog that's a drug sniffing service dog that McGarrett ends up adopting. It's a really emotional journey, but it was his idea to keep the dog, and I thought that was a great one."


Not to be too cynical or anything, but this is horrible news. If I want to encounter stories about dogs, I can go on Facebook (which I went off some time ago). In the second-last season of the original Five-O, there was a "dog" story, The Bark and the Bite, which had to do with some rich woman's attempts to override Hawaii's strict quarantine laws about bringing pets to the islands (among other things). This is regarded by many as a real shark-jumping episode for the old series, even though I didn't think it was that bad the last time I viewed it, mainly because the actress playing the woman who owned the dog, Tricia O'Neil, was very hot. (No doubt exceptions will be made for the upcoming Five-Zero show for fans of O'Loughlin because they regard him as a hot guy, LOL.) There was also a "dog" story on The Streets of San Francisco, which I am currently doing anal-ysis for. It was the series' very last show. The plot line at IMDb says: "A cruise ship is docked in San Francisco. A known embezzler is aboard the ship and had hid the jewels on a dog collar." Barf!

Added: Thursday 10 August 2017 14:00:16 MST
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I really wonder if the 8th season will be the show's last. It now has all the hallmarks of it, including main cast members leaving, the addition of two new characters to abruptly replace them, and the promotion of recurring characters into starring cast.

On a side note, they kind of ruined the Kamekona character years ago. Meant to be the "semi-shady, street-wise operator who reluctantly helps the cops and acts as the show's comic relief", he's gone completely straight and now serves only as the comic relief. So he really doesn't have much to do, aside from sell shrimp and utter comic 1-liners.

The Hirsch character was brought in to be what Kamekona once was, but even he has gone straight. It's like the writers are afraid to associate with Five-Zero with any character who is unabashedly shady.

Anyway, back to my main point, the upcoming backstories of the two new Five-Zero members remind me all too much of the introduction of Kimo in Season 12. On the surface, the backstories and characters seem like they can be interesting, but it's kind of too late in the game for anyone to really care.

Added: Wednesday 09 August 2017 02:10:33 MST
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The whole business about Kono falling in love with Adam, son of a Yakuza crime boss, was absurd from the beginning, though it did briefly inject some much-needed sexual content into the show which has had a major lack of same despite the steamy tropical location and the presence of some actors who are regarded as "sexy" (Danno and Jerry need not be mentioned).

Do a Google search along the lines of "cops consorting with criminals" and you will see what I mean.

What was even more absurd was that McGarrett the boss (and his superiors) never made an issue out of Kono's relationship with Adam!

Now that Kono is gone, "[Ian Anthony] Dale [who] has recurred on HAWAII FIVE-0 as Adam Noshimuri since season two, becoming a trusted confidant and resource for the team ... will now be recruited by McGarrett to work for Five-0," according to a CBS press release.

Yeah, right, that is really a "safe" job!

Is Adam going to be given a badge too, like Jerry? And will other cast members who have now been promoted to "starring cast members" -- Taylor Wily (Kamekona), Kimee Balmilero (Noelani, the medical examiner who replaced Max) and Dennis Chun (Duke Lukela, who should have been promoted not only as a cast member, but to being a member of Five-Zero a long time ago) -- also get badges?

Maybe Five-Zero can also recruit Danno's daughter Gracie to go undercover at the local high school to investigate dope pushing or something equally sinister!

Added: Tuesday 08 August 2017 07:40:50 MST
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We now have a list of the three "new" full time cast members of Five-Zero. Two are brand new, and the third is the actor playing Adam Noshimuri, who is now promoted to a full time cast member, and will be a member of Five-Zero.


Omitted from this announcement is what will happen to Chin and Kono's characters. Killed off? Explained away as having moved to another locale (thus at least opening the door for their possible return?)

How is Adam supposed to go on as a regular cast member without his beloved wife? Or is he going to join Five-Zero because she got killed somehow?

Recall that the original show left no explanation for the departure of cast members, aside from Kam Fong, who actually requested to be killed off at the end of Season 10.

However, it's hard to believe that the new version of the show will do this, especially given all the time they spend on character issues in each episode.

Added: Tuesday 08 August 2017 01:07:48 MST
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"This is Jack Lord, inviting you to be with us next week for... The Second Shot, by Eric Bercovici..."

This was the unique intro to one of my favorites from season 3. It's unique because it's the only intro by Jack where he mentions the writer's name. He never did it before or after. And he never mentioned the director's name that I can recall, which one would expect more than the writer's name. While the writer writes the script ultimately it's the director who lends his vision to what the episode will look like and is most responsible for the finished product. I'd have expected "The Second Shot, by Michael O'Herlihy". Anyway I thought this was interesting and worth pointing out here.

I believe someone here recently mentioned Jack's intros and how they became lazier and less descriptive as the show went on. This is true. Later in the series he would just say "join us next week for..." and then we would just see clips from the episode. In the earlier seasons (especially 2 and 3) Jack would very enthusiastically (and dramatically) describe what the story was about as well as mention the guest stars and the characters they would play. I really enjoyed that! Like I said, he even mentions the writer (in addition to the guest stars) in "The Second Shot". A rarity!

Added: Monday 07 August 2017 08:32:33 MST
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