Discussion Forum Posting Tips

When posting to the Discussion Forum, open up your word processor (Notepad, Microsoft Word, Write/Wordpad, etc.) and compose your comments. Edit your copy to make sure it's exactly what you want to say, then save this file on your hard drive somewhere. Go to the Discussion Forum entry page and copy and paste (Control-A to select everything, Control-C to copy, Control-V to paste) what you have just typed into the large message entry box and enter other information on the page. WARNING: If you attempt to leave another message while you have a previous message waiting which is still unapproved, when you hit the Submit button, you will LOSE the new message unless you follow the above procedure to save it on your hard drive.

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT: If you post URLs (web site addresses) beginning with "http" or "https" or which end with ".com", ".net" or ".org" (among others) or e-mail addresses, you will be banned from the forum if anti-spam measures are in effect. If you notice there are some URLs in the forum already, this is because I have manually edited the file containing the posting to include them. If you get banned and you not a spammer, contact me by clicking here and I will fix the problem, though this can take time because it involves manually editing a file. If you post URLs abbreviated through the http://bit.ly site (click on that link) which do not start with "http://", these are OK ... maybe (for example, "bit.ly/7J9Kd0").You can also be banned from the forum if you use certain words like "drugs" and "pharmacy" in your posting. This is why it is very important to keep a copy of your posting (see first paragraph above) so you can send it to me and I can figure out what might be wrong.

Do not make postings ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS. As per standards of Internet etiquette (known as "netiquette"), this is called SHOUTING. If your posting is particularly inflammatory, think about it for a while first before posting.

If you are not putting any of the smiley characters, also known as emojis, in your message, it's a good idea to click the "Disable smileys" box. If you don't do this, sometimes certain combinations of punctuation used to make these chracters can cause them to appear where you don't want them.

It is not necessary to hit the Enter or Return key at the end of each line that you type on screen, like a typewriter. The editor in the Discussion Forum will format your comments into paragraphs. Also, typing HTML commands into the message does not work, so if you put <B> and </B> around your comments, for example, they will not be in bold. The HTML commands will show up in the message exactly as you typed them.

All postings are subject to editing or deletion. IP addresses are also logged whenever you make a posting. (What's an IP Address?)

Try to stay on topic and avoid venturing into other "fandoms" like Star Trek and James Bond unless there is some special relevance to Five-O. As well, don't start ranting about things like "people are being mean to Jack Lord," "the new Five-0 is the end of civilization as we know it," and so forth. Try to remember: "It's just a TV show and not Shakespeare."

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