Hawaii Five-O Home Page Comprehensive Index

This index will allow you to search by the name of the episode, the major actors who appeared in it and the episode number in S01E01 format and also according to the list in Karen Rhodes' Booking Five-O.

SEASON ONE (1968-1969)

S01E00 (0) - Pilot Episode ("Cocoon") (Nancy Kwan, Leslie Nielsen, Andrew Duggan, James Gregory, Khigh Dhiegh, Lew Ayres, Philip Ahn)
S01E01 (1) - Full Fathom Five (Kevin McCarthy, Louise Troy, Patricia Smith, Philip Pine)
S01E02 (2) - Strangers In Our Own Land (Simon Oakland, Milton Selzer, Hilo Hattie)
S01E03 (3) - Tiger By The Tail (Sal Mineo, Harold J. Stone, Sam Melville, Ion Berger)
S01E04 (4) - Samurai (Ricardo Montalban, Carolyn Barrett, Karen Norris)
S01E05 (5) - ....And They Painted Daisies On His Coffin (Gavin MacLeod, Charlotte Considine)
S01E06 (6) - Twenty-Four Karat Kill (Kaz Garas, Marj Dusay, Paul Richards)
S01E07 (7) - The Ways Of Love (James Patterson, Don Knight)
S01E08 (8) - No Blue Skies (Tommy Sands, Bob Random, Sandra Smith)
S01E09 (9) - By The Numbers (Johnny Crawford, Ann Helm, Will Kuluva, Jonathan Lippe)
S01E10 (10) - Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born (John Larch, Vivi Janiss, Paul Picerni)
S01E11 (11) - Deathwatch (Nehemiah Persoff, James Shigeta, Maura McGiveney)
S01E12 (12) - Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember (Denny Miller, Ron Feinberg)
S01E13 (13) - King Of The Hill (Yaphet Kotto, Jeff Corey, L.Q. Jones, Richard Bull)
S01E14 (14) - Up Tight (Brenda Scott, Ed Flanders, John McLiam)
S01E15 (15) - Face Of The Dragon (David Opatoshu, Nancy Kovak, Herb Jeffries, Jackie Coogan, Victor Sen Yung, Soon-Tek Oh)
S01E16 (16) - The Box (Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Gavin MacLeod, Bob Doyle, R.G. Armstrong)
S01E17 (17) - One For The Money (Farley Granger, Jeanette Nolan, Paul Collins)
S01E18 (18) - Along Came Joey (Mark Richman, Jesse White, Frank de Kova, Jean Hale)
S01E19 & S01E20 (19 & 20) - Once Upon A Time, Parts I & II (Joanne Linville, Nancy Malone, David Sheiner, Beah Richards, John Carter, Bartlett Robinson, William Schallert, Bill Zuckert, Davis Roberts)
S01E21 (21) - Not That Much Different (Dennis Cooney, Stewart Moss, Jadeen Vaughn, Lee Paul, Anne Prentiss)
S01E22 (22) - Six Kilos (Antoinette Bower, Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Than Wyenn)
S01E23 (23) - The Big Kahuna (Sally Kellerman, John Marley, Robert Colbert, Peter Leeds)
S01E24 & S01E25 - Cocoon (Pilot episode in two parts)

SEASON TWO (1969-1970)

S02E01 (24) - A Thousand Pardons -- You're Dead! (Harry Guardino, Barbara Luna, Barbara Nichols, James Hong, Loretta Swit)
S02E02 (25) - To Hell With Babe Ruth (Mark Lenard, Will Kuluva, Virginia Wing)
S02E03 (26) - Forty Feet High And It Kills! (Will Geer, Sabrina Scharf, Khigh Dhiegh)
S02E04 (27) - Just Lucky, I Guess (Albert Paulsen, John Randolph, Ann Helm, Elaine Joyce)
S02E05 (28) - Savage Sunday (Henry Silva, Tom Nardini, Julie Gregg)
S02E06 (29) - A Bullet For McGarrett (Marianne McAndrew, Eric Braeden, Khigh Dhiegh, Sheila Larkin)
S02E07 (30) - Sweet Terror (Theodore Bikel, Linda Marsh, Philip Ahn, Soon-Tek Oh)
S02E08 (31) - King Kamehameha Blues (Brandon de Wilde, Jennifer Leak, Vincent Eder)
S02E09 (32) - The Singapore File (Marj Dusay)
S02E10 (33) - All The King’s Horses (James Gregory, Jason Evers, Lyle Bettger, Keye Luke, Karen Houston)
S02E11 (34) - Leopard On The Rock (Joe De Santis, Paul Stevens, Titos Vandis)
S02E12 (35) - The Devil and Mr. Frog (Frank Marth, James Hong, William Zuckert, Melody Patterson)
S02E13 (36) - The Joker’s Wild, Man, Wild! (Beverlee McKinsey, Kaz Garas, Eddie Firestone, Lani Kai)
S02E14 (37) - Which Way Did They Go? (William Windom, Phillip E. Pine, Jackie Coogan)
S02E15 (38) - Blind Tiger (Marion Ross)
S02E16 (39) - Bored She Hung Herself (William Smithers, Don Quine)
S02E17 (40) - Run, Johnny, Run (Christopher Walken, Jack Ging, Nephi Hanneman)
S02E18 (41) - Killer Bee (David Arkin, Jeff Pomerantz, Doreen Lang)
S02E19 (42) - The One With The Gun (John Colicos, Julie Gregg, Jack Soo)
S02E20 (43) - Cry, Lie (Martin Sheen, George Petrie)
S02E21 (44) - Most Likely To Murder (Tom Skerritt, Sam Melville)
S02E22 (45) - Nightmare Road (Charles Aidman, Pilar Seurat, Fred Beir, Ronald Long)
S02E23 & S02E24 (46 & 47) - Three Dead Cows At Makapu‘u (Ed Flanders, Loretta Swit, Joseph Sirola, Karl Swenson, Dana Elcar)
S02E25 (48) - Kiss The Queen Goodbye (Joanne Linville, George Gaynes, Christopher Cary)

SEASON THREE (1970-1971)

S03E01 (49) - And A Time To Die... (Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Donald Moffat, Khigh Dhiegh)
S03E02 (50) - Trouble In Mind (Nancy Wilson, Milton Selzer, Harry Guardino)
S03E03 (51) - The Second Shot (John Marley, Eric Braeden)
S03E04 (52) - Time And Memories (Diana Muldaur, Martin Sheen, Edward Andrews, Kathy Cannon)
S03E05 (53) - The Guarnerius Caper (Albert Paulsen, Anthony James, Kenneth O'Brien, Ed Flanders)
S03E06 (54) - The Ransom (Andrew Duggan, Lloyd Gough, Ron Hayes, Peter Bonerz)
S03E07 (55) - Force Of Waves (John Vernon, Dewey Martin, Linda Marsh)
S03E08 (56) - The Reunion (Simon Oakland, Barry Atwater, Joe Maross, Teru Shimada)
S03E09 (57) - The Late John Louisiana (Don Stroud, Marianne McAndrew, Alfred Ryder)
S03E10 (58) - The Last Eden (Ray Danton, Paul Stevens)
S03E11 (59) - Over Fifty? Steal (Hume Cronyn)
S03E12 (60) - Beautiful Screamer (Lloyd Bochner, Laraine Stephens, Anne Archer)
S03E13 (61) - The Payoff (Albert Salmi, Joyce Van Patten, Madlyn Rhue, Warren Vanders, Paul Carr)
S03E14 (62) - The Double Wall (Monte Markham, William Schallert, Joan van Ark, Sorrell Booke, R.G. Armstrong)
S03E15 (63) - Paniolo (Frank Silvera, Royal Dano)
S03E16 (64) - Ten Thousand Diamonds And A Heart (Tim O'Connor, Paul Stewart, Logan Ramsey)
S03E17 (65) - To Kill Or Be Killed (John Anderson, Michael Anderson, Jr., Peter Jason)
S03E18 & S03E19 (66 & 67) - F.O.B. Honolulu (John McMartin, Sabrina Scharf, Roger C. Carmel, Khigh Dhiegh, Joseph Sirola, Monty Landis, Howard Gottschalk)
S03E20 (68) - The Gunrunner (Paul Burke, Marian McCargo, George Murdock, Arthur Batanides)
S03E21 (69) - Dear Enemy (Vera Miles, Gary Collins, John Lupton, Dub Taylor)
S03E22 (70) - The Bomber And Mrs. Moroney (Mark Jenkins, Hope Summers)
S03E23 & S03E24 (71 & 72) - The Grandstand Play (Pernell Roberts, Don Chastain, Barry Atwater, Elliott Street)

SEASON FOUR (1971-1972)

S04E01 (73) - Highest Castle, Deepest Grave (Herbert Lom, Jeff Corey, France Nuyen)
S04E02 (74) - No Bottles ... No Cans ... No People (Henry Darrow, Ron Feinberg, Jack Kosslyn, Beth Brickell)
S04E03 (75) - Wednesday, Ladies Free (Monte Markham, Soon-Taik Oh, Marie Windsor, Sheilah Wells)
S04E04 (76) - 3,000 Crooked Miles To Honolulu (Buddy Ebsen, David Canary)
S04E05 (77) - Two Doves And Mr. Heron (Vic Morrow, John Ritter, Dianne Hull)
S04E06 (78) - ... And I Want Some Candy And A Gun That Shoots (Michael Burns, Annette O'Toole, Jeanne Cooper)
S04E07 (79) - Air Cargo -- Dial For Murder (Don Chastain, Marion Ross, Michael Strong, Barney Phillips, James Hong)
S04E08 (80) - For A Million ... Why Not? (Robert Fields, Sam Melville, Jack Kruschen, Leigh Christian)
S04E09 (81) - The Burning Ice (Jackie Cooper, Lou Antonio, Loretta Leversee)
S04E10 (82) - Rest In Peace, Somebody (Norm Alden)
S04E11 (83) - A Matter of Mutual Concern (David Opatoshu, Manu Tupou)
S04E12 (84) - Nine, Ten -- You're Dead (Moses Gunn, Albert Paulsen)
S04E13 (85) - Is This Any Way To Run A Paradise? (Nephi Hannemann)
S04E14 (86) - Odd Man In (Hume Cronyn, Jiro Tamiya)
S04E15 (87) - Bait Once, Bait Twice (James Olson, Loretta Swit, Malachi Throne)
S04E16 & S04E17 (88 & 89) - The Ninety-Second War, Parts I and II (Dana Wynter, Khigh Dhiegh, Donald Pleasance, Tim O'Connor, Roger C. Carmel)
S04E18 (90) - Skinhead (Lee Paul, Murray MacLeod, Miko Mayama)
S04E19 (91) - While You're At It, Bring In The Moon (Barry Sullivan, Ed Flanders, H.M. Winant, Milton Selzer)
S04E20 (92) - Cloth Of Gold (Jason Evers, Ray Danton, Jay Robinson)
S04E21 (93) - Good Night, Baby -- Time To Die! (Beth Brickell, William Watson)
S04E22 (94) - Didn't We Meet At A Murder? (Joanna Barnes, Simon Oakland)
S04E23 (95) - Follow The White Brick Road (Mark Jenkins, David Birney, David Doyle)
S04E24 (96) - R&R&R (Alan Vint, Richard LePore, James Davidson)

SEASON FIVE (1972-1973)

S05E01 (97) - Death Is A Company Policy (George Chakiris, Laraine Stephens, Michael Ansara)
S05E02 (98) - Death Wish On Tantalus Mountain (Ricardo Montalban, Diana Muldaur, Michael Margotta)
S05E03 (99) - You Don't Have To Kill To Get Rich, But It Helps. (William Shatner, Ric Marlow)
S05E04 (100) - Pig In A Blanket (John Rubinstein, Louise Latham, Dennis Redfield)
S05E05 (101) - The Jinn Who Clears The Way (Khigh Dhiegh, Joe Sirola, Soon Taik Oh)
S05E06 (102) - Fools Die Twice (Clu Gulager, Michael Conrad)
S05E07 (103) - Chain Of Events (Linden Chiles, Lou Frizzell, Mary Frann, Dirk Benedict)
S05E08 (104) - Journey Out of Limbo (Keenan Wynn, Philip Ahn)
S05E09 (105) - 'V' For Vashon: The Son (Robert Drivas, Harold Gould, Luther Adler)
S05E10 (106) - 'V' For Vashon: The Father (Harold Gould, Don Knight, Luther Adler)
S05E11 (107) - 'V' For Vashon: The Patriarch (Luther Adler, Harold Gould)
S05E12 (108) - The Clock Struck Twelve (Manu Tupou, Patrick Adiarte)
S05E13 (109) - I'm A Family Crook -- Don't Shoot! (Andy Griffith, Joyce Van Patten)
S05E14 (110) - The Child Stealers (Richard Lawrence Hatch, Richard Anderson, Jack Hogan, Meg Foster)
S05E15 (111) - Thanks For The Honeymoon (Patty Duke, Larry Kert, Carol Lawrence)
S05E16 (112) - The Listener (Robert Foxworth, Greg Mullavey)
S05E17 (113) - Here Today... Gone Tonight (Monte Markham, Sandra Smith, Madlyn Rhue)
S05E18 (114) - The Odd Lot Caper (Richard Basehart, Ron Hayes)
S05E19 (115) - Will The Real Mr. Winkler Please Die? (Nehemiah Persoff, Mark Lenard, Malachi Throne)
S05E20 (116) - Little Girl Blue (Ronald Feinberg, Jackie Coogan, Tisha Sterling, Nina Foch)
S05E21 (117) - Percentage (Milton Selzer, Leonard Stone)
S05E22 (118) - Engaged To Be Buried (Irene Tsu, Erik Estrada, Richard Yniguez, Simon Oakland)
S05E23 (119) - The Diamond That Nobody Stole (Eric Braeden, Beulah Quo)
S05E24 (120) - Jury Of One