A List of Hawaii Five-O Episodes
in production order

This is a listing of the shows in the order in which they were filmed, based on the production number at the end of each episode.

FIRST SEASON (1968-1969):

1729-0202 Full fathom five *
1729-0203 Strangers in our own land *
1729-0204 ....And they painted daisies on his coffin
1729-0205 Twenty-four karat kill
1729-0206 Tiger by the tail *
1729-0207 The ways of love
1729-0208 King of the hill
1729-0209 No blue skies
1729-0210 Up tight
1729-0211 Yesterday died and tomorrow won't be born
1729-0212 Once upon a time, part I
1729-0212 Once upon a time, part II
1729-0213 Deathwatch
1729-0214 Along came Joey
1729-0215 By the numbers
1729-0216 Pray love remember, pray love remember
1729-0217 Six kilos
1729-0218 The big kahuna
1729-0219 One for the money
1729-0220 The box
1729-0221 Face of the dragon
1729-0222 Not that much different

* These 3 shows have the number in the format 1310-1729-0201.

(List is Under Construction)