Hawaii Five-O Episode List

This list is based on information taken from the episode guide provided by The Iolani Palace Irregulars, the international appreciation society for Five-O.


000 Cocoon*
Steve McGarrett, the head of a special investigative unit of the Hawaii State Government, probes the death of a close friend, only to discover that the man did not drown as was commonly believed.

FIRST SEASON (1968-1969):

001 Full fathom five
Steve McGarrett is assigned by the governor of Hawaii to break up a confidence racket bilking rich visiting widows of their fortunes.

002 Strangers in our own land
Five-O probes into the death by bombing of an official who was influential in changing the face of the islands.

003 Tiger by the tail
A young singer arranges his own kidnapping as a publicity stunt, but it backfires when his father offers a huge reward for his return.

004 Samurai
Five-O has to protect a Honolulu racket boss being threatened by a secret Japanese society at the same time as they are trying to convict him for his underworld activities.

005 ....And they painted daisies on his coffin
Danny Williams is indicted for murdering an apparently unarmed teenage boy.

006 Twenty-four karat kill
Five-O investigates a fishing boat owner who is smuggling gold bars into the islands.

007 The ways of love
McGarrett has himself committed to a California prison in order to obtain information linking the disappearance of a priceless jewel collection to the death of a beautiful woman.

008 No blue skies
Joey Rand, a young singer, turns to cat burglary when he finds his singing career provides insufficient funds to pay his gambling debts.

009 By the numbers
Five-O is called in when a winning ticket in a numbers game turns out to be a loser and a young Army corporal is accused of a crime.

010 Yesterday died and tomorrow won't be born
When McGarrett is felled by an unknown assassin and hospitalized, Danno takes over Five-O and starts a desperate search for clues.

011 Deathwatch
McGarrett and Five-O provide protective custody to save the life of a gangster they despise so he can testify against his former boss.

012 Pray love remember, pray love remember
When a young female student is found murdered, suspicion falls on her boyfriend after it's revealed they had a quarrel before her death.

013 King of the hill
When Danno tries to assist a young Marine veteran suffering a psychotic breakdown which makes him think he is back in Vietnam, the Marine holds Danno prisoner in a hospital ward.

014 Up tight
The death of a young girl under the influence of drugs leads Five-O to track down the supplier, a self-styled guru who is headmaster to a hippie cult.

015 Face of the dragon
A man who is carrying bubonic plague turns up in the Hawaiian islands at the same time that plans for a top-secret military weapon disappear.

016 The box
McGarrett offers himself as hostage in an attempted prison break.

017 One for the money
Two nephews in competition for a family fortune are suspects when employees of a million-dollar corporation are threatened and the aging baroness of the corporation mysteriously disappears.

018 Along came Joey
A policeman starts a personal vendetta against the killers of his son, a young prizefighter who had been bribed to fix a fight.

019 Once upon a time, part I
020 Once upon a time, part II
Steve McGarrett flies to Los Angeles to build a case against a quack doctor who is victimizing his sister and her ill baby.

021 Not that much different
McGarrett has to overcome resistance by members of a peace movement while investigating the murder of one of their leaders.

022 Six kilos
McGarrett assumes the identity of a safecracker to infiltrate a sophisticated international syndicate.

023 The big kahuna
An old man's nephew and his wife create apparitions of an ancient goddess of fire in an attempt to do away with him and gain control of his valuable land.

SECOND SEASON (1969-1970):

024 A thousand pardons, you're dead
Five-O probes the deaths of the brides of three soldiers killed in action in Vietnam after each of the women collects her G.I.'s insurance.

025 To hell with Babe Ruth
A Japanese mental patient is determined to fulfill his assignment of 28 years previous -- sabotage Pearl Harbor.

026 Forty feet high, and it kills *
The Red Chinese agent Wo Fat kidnaps a renowned geneticist during a false tidal wave alert.

027 Just lucky, I guess
A businessman in Honolulu for a convention is reluctant to testify against a gangster who he witnessed murdering a prostitute.

028 Savage Sunday
A small guerrilla force breaks into an armory and steals weapons to support a revolution in their home country.

029 A bullet for McGarrett*
A pupil of Wo Fat's seduces and brainwashes a policewoman to assassinate Steve McGarrett.

030 Sweet Terror
A foreign agent threatens the Hawaii sugar crop with germ warfare.

031 The King Kamehameha blues
Students steal the priceless cloak of King Kamehameha as an anti-establishment prank.

032 Singapore file
McGarrett has to escort the witness to a local murder from Singapore back to Hawaii.

033 All the king's horses
Asked to probe into the affairs of an ex-racketeer for a state committee, McGarrett finds himself focusing more on the committee chairman.

034 Leopard on the rock
Five-O has to protect a hated dictator from assassination after his plane is forced to make an emergency landing in Hawaii.

035 The devil and Mr. Frog
Five-O is asked to help recover the $300,000 ransom paid by a kidnapped boy's father.

036 The joker's wild, man, wild!
A spoiled heiress plays a bizarre card game which pits a playboy against a beachboy.

037 Which way did they go
An adversary from McGarrett's past manages to commit a seemingly perfect robbery right under Five-O's nose.

038 Blind tiger
McGarrett is blinded by a bomb explosion, and while he is in hospital, the Five-O team scour the city to find who injured their boss.

039 Bored she hung herself
The supposed suicide of a prominent psychiatrist's daughter seems to involve her bearded [sic], malingering boyfriend.

040 Run, Johnny, Run
McGarrett encounters resistance from the Navy while investigating the shooting of one of two shore patrolmen.

041 Killer bee
A Vietnam veteran is deliberately driven to kidnap young children by a fellow soldier.

042 The one with the gun
Five-O's investigation into the murder of a poker player is hampered by the man's brother who sets out to track down the assailant himself.

043 Cry, Lie
Chin Ho Kelly is accused of taking a bribe from a narcotics dealer.

044 Most likely to murder
When a policeman's wife is murdered, the officer attempts to take the law into his own hands to seek out and execute the killer.

045 Nightmare Road
A famous research scientist, duped into believing he shot a man, disappears from his vital government post.

046 Three dead cows at Makapuu, part I
047 Three dead cows at Makapuu, part II
A scientific genius disappears after discovering a biological mutation which is hostile to every form of life on earth.

048 Kiss the queen goodbye
A jewel thief in the guise of a socialite sets out to steal a treasured gem belonging to Hawaiian royalty.

THIRD SEASON (1970-1971):

049 And a time to die...*
Five-O must move swiftly to prevent a threat against the kidnapped daughter of a surgeon who is to operate on a wounded U.S. undercover agent.

050 Trouble in mind
Five-O attempts to come to track down a strain of heroin contaminated with arsenic as singer Eadie Jordan becomes more and more desperate to feed her addiction.

051 The second shot
McGarrett must thwart an elaborate assassination attempt on the life of a self-exiled Greek doctor.

052 Time and memories
McGarrett becomes personally involved in a murder case and jeopardizes his job when his former fiancee becomes the prime suspect.

053 The Guarnerius caper
The theft of a priceless violin belonging to a Russian musician threatens to explode into an international incident.

054 The ransom
Efforts by Five-O to rescue a young boy from abductors backfire when Kono becomes a prisoner of the thugs.

055 Force of waves
Five-O investigates the murder of a wealthy businessman in a boat explosion.

056 The reunion
A millionaire Japanese businessman is accused by three former prisoners of war of being the officer responsible for torturing them during World War II.

057 The late John Louisiana
McGarrett leads the search for the witness to a two-year-old murder to protect her against one of Hawaii's most-wanted criminals.

058 The last Eden
Five-O searches for the conspirators who frame a nightclub star who is outspoken against pollution.

059 Over fifty? Steal
An elderly master burglar plays cat-and-mouse with Five-O in a series of publicity-grabbing thefts.

060 Beautiful screamer
A strangler writes poetry by Byron in lipstick on the legs of two victims, one of whom is Danno's fiancee.

061 The payoff
McGarrett must apprehend a hoodlum and his girl friend who were part of an abduction plot in order to save their lives from their co-conspirators.

062 The double wall
A convicted murderer holds a prison doctor hostage and demands that McGarrett reopen his case.

063 Paniolo
The death of a real estate agent leads McGarrett to the island of Maui.

064 Ten thousand diamonds and a heart
A prisoner is broken out of jail by a wealthy gangster so he can mastermind a $10 million robbery of the Honolulu Diamond Exchange.

065 To kill or be killed
Five-O meets resistance from Army intelligence after a combat hero is found dead under mysterious circumstances.

066 F.O.B. Honolulu, part I*
067 F.O.B. Honolulu, part II*
Counterfeit plates for U.S. twenty-dollar bills are sought by various international agents as Five-O must deal with murder, treason and doublecross.

068 The gunrunner
A munitions dealer arranges for the kidnapping of his own wife so that he can induce a beleaguered government to pay a higher price for the arms shipment.

069 Dear enemy
A woman fakes evidence to link two murders in an attempt to trick McGarrett into reinvestigating the homicide charge for which her husband was convicted.

070 The bomber and Mrs. Moroney
An armed lunatic who blames Danno for his brother's death takes people hostage at Five-O headquarters and threatens to blow up the office.

071 The grandstand play, part I
072 The grandstand play, part II
The son of a professional ball player is witness to a murder at the ballpark, but is reluctant to tells his father or the authorities.

FOURTH SEASON (1971-1972):

073 Highest castle, deepest grave
A ten-year-old missing persons case is reopened when an archaeological dig reveals the bodies of a man and a woman who were murdered.

074 No bottles ... no cans ... no people
A small-time hoodlum tries to eliminate the competition and open the way for a mainland crime syndicate to operate in Hawaii.

075 Wednesday, ladies free
A strangler murders women, leaving each wearing a blonde wig and their faces garishly made up.

076 3,000 crooked miles to Honolulu
A cunning college professor plots an elaborate scheme to cash $750,000 worth of stolen travelers checks in Hawaii.

077 Two doves and Mr. Heron
A tourist declines to press charges after being robbed of his wallet which contains a key to a storage locker containing $250,000.

078 ...And I want some candy and a gun that shoots
A psychotic sniper endangers the lives of motorists as he fires at cars from a hillside bunker overlooking a major highway.

079 Air cargo...dial for murder
McGarrett comes across an air cargo hijacking ring while investigating the death of an airport security undercover agent.

080 For a million...why not?
Five upstanding citizens team together to steal $6 million in a seemingly perfect crime.

081 The burning ice
A doctor's becomes a suspect in the murder of his wife when McGarrett finds holes in the confessed killer's story.

082 Rest in peace, somebody
McGarrett receives calls from a man threatening to kill somebody important in 48 hours, as well as a clue to the identity of the victim: a key sent by the anonymous assailant.

083 A matter of mutual concern
McGarrett fears a gangland war is about to break out when it seems a mainland syndicate is trying to take over criminal operations.

084 Nine, ten -- you're dead
A syndicate boss seeks revenge when his light-heavyweight boxer's hand is smashed by a punchy ex-fighter.

085 Is this any way to run a paradise
McGarrett searches for an ecology fanatic whose pranks are harmless until he threatens the lives of those he feels are the cause of the islands' pollution.

086 Odd man in
Lewis Avery Filer from "Over Fifty? Steal!" escapes from prison after devising to steal $4 million from drug smugglers.

087 Bait once, bait twice
A young woman attempts suicide so that her fiance will come out of hiding and expose himself to assassination.

088 The ninety-second war, part I*
089 The ninety-second war, part II*
McGarrett is framed as a thief by Wo Fat , who needs 90 seconds to carry out a plot against a U.S. missile tracking base.

090 Skinhead
After a young woman is raped in a parking lot and a braggart soldier is arrested and tried for the crime, McGarrett begins to suspect the soldier may be the wrong man.

091 While you're at it, bring in the moon
An eccentric billionaire suspected of killing one of his business associates is afraid to leave his antiseptic yacht and clear himself of the crime.

092 Cloth of gold
Members of a fishy real estate company become victims of poison contained in a rare shellfish.

093 Good night, baby, time to die
McGarrett sets up an elaborate police protective system around a young woman to capture her former boyfriend who has escaped from prison.

094 Didn't we meet at a murder?
A wealthy young widow is one of the victims in an intricate blackmail plot that leads to the murder of a Chicago mobster.

095 Follow the white brick road
Danno goes undercover to flush out a drug ring operating from a vessel in the U.S. Seventh Fleet.

096 R&R -- & R
McGarrett seeks a killer whose targets have been wives of Army men who have come to Hawaii to meet their husbands on furlough.

FIFTH SEASON (1972-1973):

097 Death is a company policy
Duke Lukela of the Five-O team is implicated in the slaying of an underworld figure's "business associate."

098 Death wish on Tantalus Mountain
When two of an egomaniacal racing car driver's mechanics are murdered, suspicion falls on the driver's glamorous fiancee.

099 You don't have to kill to get rich, but it helps
A series of deaths of well-to-do businessmen gets Five-O involved in the investigation of a lucrative blackmail operation.

100 Pig in a Blanket
After Danno shoots a teenager, a public outcry goes up to sacrifice him to public opinion.

101 The jinn who clears the way*
Wo Fat is suspected of being behind the theft of a secret ballistic missile device, and McGarrett uncovers a plot to get the device into the hands of the highest bidder.

102 Fools die twice
An Army officer devises a bizarre scheme to kidnap a top government scientist and collect a ransom of one million dollars in diamonds.

103 Chain of events
The slaying of a public health official while conducting an investigation into veneral disease leads McGarrett into the world of politics and intrigue.

104 Journey out of limbo
After Danno stumbles on a plot to assassinate a Chinese diplomat, he suffers a memory loss and McGarrett has to try and help him reconstruct the details.

105 "V" for Vashon: the son
106 "V" for Vashon: the father
107 "V" for Vashon: the patriarch
After McGarrett shoots and kills the son of the head of a family-dominated crime syndicate, he has to deal with the boy's father and grandfather.

108 The clock struck twelve
McGarrett is assigned to preserve security and ensure an orderly trial after a series of bomb threats follows the arrest of a band of Hawaiian vigilantes.

109 I'm a family crook -- don't shoot
A husband and wife team of confidence operators gets caught between the islands' most powerful mobs.

110 The child stealers
Five-O investigates after children are kidnapped and sold to an attorney operating a child-stealing racket on the Mainland.

111 Thanks for the honeymoon
An underworld fringe character agrees to turn state's evidence against a mobster if McGarrett releases her from prison and arranges her wedding to the father of her unborn child.

112 The listener
A psychotic electronics wizard threatens a psychiatrist and his patients through a series of ingenious electronic plants.

113 Here today, gone tonight
Five-O has to solve the riddle of how a suspected killer can appear to be in two places at the same time.

114 The odd lot caper
The senior partner in a stock exchange firm conceives a daring and seemingly foolproof scheme to rob the Honolulu Stock Exchange.

115 Will the real Mr. Winkler please die
An obscure shopkeeper becomes the catalyst in a plot to assassinate a high-level Iron Curtain defector.

116 Little girl blue
Two ineffectual crooks kidnap a little girl and hold her hostage on a hillside bunker.

117 Percentage
A travel agent operating gambling junkets is slain as a warning to his partners to stop competing for the gambling business.

118 Engaged to be buried
A gang member under investigation by Five-O for extortion is courting the daughter of Chin Ho, and they appear headed for a wedding.

119 The diamond that nobody stole
A cat burglar strikes at the home of a socially prominent island family, setting off a series of fast-moving events that lead to a death.

120 Jury of one
One of the jurors in a murder trial is being bribed to produce a hung jury, and Five-O has to find out the motive behind his consistent "not guilty" vote.

SIXTH SEASON (1973-1974):

121 Hookman
A double amputee sets out to avenge the loss of his hands by killing every law enforcement officer who contributed to his maiming, including Steve McGarrett.

122 Draw me a killer
McGarrett attempts to solve the riddle of a series of apparently motiveless slayings that occur at six-week intervals, and his investigations lead him to the comic section of the daily newspaper.

123 Charter for death
A gangster, his daughter and son-in-law arrive in Hawaii carrying the plague, causing the Governor to seal off the island in an effort to prevent an outbreak of the disease.

124 One big happy family
A family of serial killers, having left a trail of death on the mainland, start a new wave of terror when they reach Hawaii.

125 The Sunday torch
A young man who fits the classic profile of a pyromaniac is carefully set up in what appears to be a foolproof frame.

126 Murder is a taxing affair
A corrupt federal tax agent, pursuing a criminal under indictment for tax evasion, kills the fugitive for $600,000 in hot money, then loses it.

127 Tricks are not treats
The assassination of one of Honolulu's most active pimps threatens an all-out war between two competing vice empires.

128 Why wait until Uncle Kevin dies?
McGarrett investigates a string of five murders of wealthy men and enlists the aid of an undercover agent from the mainland to reveal a pay-before-death inheritance scheme.

129 Flash of color, flash of death
An opal smuggler is set up by a glamorous woman who clears the way for her accomplices to enter a Honolulu jewelery store and rob him and the jeweler of a fortune in opals.

130 A bullet for El Diablo
A dictator is murdered by a look-alike for his daughter.

131 The finishing touch
McGarrett becomes suspicious of a documents expert he enlists to help investigate a destructive ring of forgeries of government securities.

132 Anybody can build a bomb
A nuclear physicist becomes involved in an extortion scheme to blow up a portion of Honolulu with an atomic bomb.

133 Try to die on time
Five-O must unravel a complicated web of relationships surrounding a macabre $240,000 lottery based on the projected hour of a gambler's death.

134 The $100,000 nickel
A sleight-of-hand artist is enlisted to steal a nickel valued by coin experts at $100,000.

135 The flip side is death
A daring bank robbery carried out under the cover of a mock military emergency sends Five-O to a hotel on the windward side of Oahu to investigate.

136 Banzai pipeline
One of the world's most exciting surfing beaches forms the backdrop for a trio of slayings.

137 One born every minute
A bunco game using phony diamonds as bait and preying on well-heeled male Waikiki tourists sends McGarrett and Five-O into action in an attempt to head off a sinister racket.

138 Secret witness
A young man is an eyewitness to a murder and finds himself and his family the object of a hunt by the killer.

139 Death with father
The son of retired Federal narcotics agent becomes embroiled in a heroin refining operation.

140 Murder with a golden touch
A scheme involving around a million dollars in stolen treasure sends Five-O on an investigation that stretches to the Pacific depths off Oahu.

141 Nightmare in blue
A series of brutal rape/murders seems to have been committed by a policeman.

142 Mother's deadly helper
A right-wing extremist embarks on a murderous crusade against what he considers laxity in law enforcement and too-lenient judges.

143 Killer at sea
McGarrett and Five-O become involved in the investigation of a robbery-kidnapping which leads on board an ocean liner.

144 30,000 rooms and I have a key
A well-to-do, Raffles-type jewel thief steals from Waikiki hotel rooms for the thrill of the chase, leaving taunting clues behind.

SEVENTH SEASON (1974-1975):

145 The young assassins
Danno and a college professor are kidnapped and held as hostages by a revolutionary group.

146 A Hawaiian nightmare
A geothermal dynamics genius, plagued by personal financial problems, plots an extortion scheme which would trigger a man-made volcanic eruption, wiping out the city of Hilo.

147 I'll kill 'em again
Postcards from a psychopath taunting McGarrett to remember crime victims of the past precede a series of re-enacted murders.

148 Steal now--pay later
A suave crook peddles his stolen goods to legitimate businessmen.

149 Bomb, bomb, who's got the bomb?
Handwriting analysis and a psychiatric diagnosis are used to track down who is threatening the life of a state Senate crime committee chairman.

150 Right grave, wrong body
A current wave of liquor store robberies are connected to a five-year-old bank robbery where neither the gun nor the $250,000 booty were ever found.

151 We hang our own
A powerful Hawaiian cattle baron takes the law into his own hands to avenge the beating death of his son.

152 The two-faced corpse
A gangland-style execution investigation takes a bizarre turn when an autopsy reveals the victim had two physical identities.

153 How to steal a masterpiece
Irreplaceable artworks mysteriously vanish from a millionaire's private collection despite three fail-safe electronic security systems.

154 A gun for McGarrett
Following an attack on his life, McGarrett is drawn towards an elegant dealer in objets d'art.

155 Welcome to our branch office
Two mainland con men use a quartet of Five-O look-a-likes to extort money out of a Honolulu businessman.

156 Presenting...in the center ring...murder*
Wo Fat returns to Hawaii in pursuit of a visiting Red Chinese foreign minister who is under the protection of Five-O.

157 Hara-kiri: Murder
McGarrett wants to know why a shamed Japanese banker ritualistically killed himself.

158 Bones of contention
Five-O digs into a 33-year-old mystery when a Honolulu murder is linked to a missing anthropologically valuable human fossil that disappeared in China shortly before Pearl Harbor.

159 Computer killer
The investigation of a murder is thwarted by a computer which has been fed misleading information in hopes of diverting the guilt for the crime away from the guilty party.

160 A woman's work is with a gun
Three troubled women take up armed robbery of tourist buses as a money-making project.

161 Small witness, large crime
The arrest of a young boy who was witness to a murder sparks friction between McGarrett and a female deputy public defender.

162 Ring of life
The million-dollar reward offered for the return of five rare figurines touches off a global trail of murder and robbery that leads to Hawaii.

163 A study in rage
McGarrett must untangle the psychotic mind in the unfinished painting of a murdered psychiatrist to find the victim's killer.

164 And the horse jumped over the moon
An elaborate sky-diving sea-to-air conspiracy for smuggling heroin into Hawaii goes undetected until a member of the smuggling team tries to sell out for a fix.

165 Hit gun for sale
McGarrett goes all out to keep the lid on a threatened organized crime war by tracking both an unknown hit man and his target.

166 The hostage
After a deranged ex-Army sergeant shoots a cop and kidnaps a young girl, McGarrett is at odds with a police captain who wants to resolve the situation "by the book."

167 Diary of a gun
A cheap revolver passing from hand to hand causes mayhem and murder as Five-O pursue its bloody trail.

168 6,000 deadly tickets
Five-O joins forces with an air traffic conference investigator in an attempt to stop an airlines ticket racket that not only bilks the carriers, but has also cost several lives.

EIGHTH SEASON (1975-1976):

169 Murder--eyes only*
While McGarrett is on active duty with the naval reserve, he is ordered to help investigate the murder of a naval intelligence officer by letter bomb.

170 McGarrett is missing
After the plane transporting McGarrett and a prisoner crashes, the Five-O chief finds himself at the mercy of the dangerous convict.

171 Termination with extreme prejudice
Five-O as well as a suspicious British intelligence agent both search for an English Lord who seemingly vanished while swimming.

172 Target? The lady
A hit man races Five-O to find a female gambling courier who witnessed a murder.

173 Death's name is Sam
Five-O has to find who in Hawaii is planning to shoot down an airplane using a surface-to-air missile.

174 The case against McGarrett
Honore Vashon exchanges McGarrett for several prison hostages and tries him for murder.

175 The defector
McGarrett locks horns with a cantankerous physicist who is sheltering a former colleague who defected from Red China.

176 Sing a song of suspense
Five-O has to protect a singer who witnessed a murder committed by a Hawaiian racketeering kingpin.

177 Retire in sunny Hawaii--forever
Danno's Aunt Clara arrives in Hawaii and becomes involved in a murder investigation.

178 How to steal a submarine
A high school vice-principal and boys' counsellor enlists the help of his students in smuggling drugs.

179 The waterfront steal
Five-O is called in to investigate after the influential owner of several warehouses in Honolulu creates an uproar over the failure of police to halt a wave of burglaries.

180 Honor is an unmarked grave
A publicity-hungry crime writer discovers the remains of a youth missing for seven years, and brands Five-O as incompetent for never having solved the case.

181 A touch of guilt
The son of a U.S. senator is involved in the coverup of a brutal gang rape.

182 Wooden model of a rat
While trying to smash a smuggling ring in rare and valuable oriental art objects, McGarrett finds himself under public attack and indicted on a charge of possessing one of the contraband articles.

183 Deadly persuasion
A deranged youth threatens Danno and a visiting royal family with deadly nerve gas in an attempt to avenge his dead father.

184 Legacy of terror
Five-O seeks the killer of an aged importer who was a Japanese spy in Hawaii before the Pearl Harbor attack.

185 Loose ends get hit
The state's rock-solid murder case against an Island racketeer vaporizes because McGarrett is suckered by the prosecution's star witness.

186 Anatomy of a bribe
A crooked contractor and a building inspector on the take are suspects after a devastating fire destroys the new Global Trade Center in Honolulu.

187 Turkey shoot at Makapuu
Five-O searches for the killers of an airline stewardess and a hang-gliding pilot.

188 A killer grows wings
Criminals threaten to destroy the entire Hawaiian sugar cane industry by using imported larvae of a strain of moth for which there is no known insecticide or natural enemy.

189 The capsule kidnapping
The son of a Japanese industrialist is kidnapped and held in an underwater capsule accompanied by a demand for $1.5 million in ransom money.

190 Love thy neighbor--take his wife
A militant ecologist is seemingly involved in the kidnapping of a wealthy land developer's wife.

191 A sentence to steal
McGarrett sends an undercover agent into a rehabilitation institution for delinquent youths to try and find out who is behind a recent series of gold thefts at dental-supply warehouses.

NINTH SEASON (1976-1977):

192 Nine Dragons*
After the theft of deadly nerve gas in Hawaii, McGarrett tracks Wo Fat to Hong Kong where Wo kidnaps McGarrett and tortures him.

193 Assault on the palace
A historical re-enactment during a local celebration is the coverup for a Honolulu bank heist.

194 Oldest Profession -- Latest Price
Honolulu prostitutes are being murdered, and those that have not been killed are living in terror from an extortionist.

195 Man on fire
Five bodies found in Mauna Loa crater are contaminated with radiation, leading McGarrett on a search for the source -- deadly plutonium.

196 Tour de Force--Killer Aboard
The murders of a CIA agent and the public relations director of a Honolulu hotel suggest a hit man has arrived in Hawaii to knock off a visiting VIP.

197 The last of the great paperhangers
A master forger makes Five-O look foolish while he is planning a $100,000 forgery on a Honolulu bank and the U.S. Navy.

198 Heads, you're dead
Five-O searches for a trio of mutineer-murderers after the owners and crew of a boat partaking in a race from California to Hawaii are found dead.

199 Let death do us part
A man who was wrongfully convicted of murdering his wealthy wife escapes from prison to try and prove his innocence.

200 Double exposure
A professional photographer is pursued by gangsters after she takes a picture of their boss who has "returned from the dead" in order to take over the Hawaiian crime syndicate.

201 Yes, my deadly daughter
The daughter of an organized crime leader betrays her father by stealing $10 million from him.

202 Target--a cop
A vengeful paraplegic ex-con turns sniper and begins shooting police officers.

203 The bells toll at noon
After a girl dies of a drug overdose, her impressionist boyfriend takes it upon himself to avenge her death.

204 Man in a steel frame
McGarrett is set up to be the prime suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, and the evidence is rock-solid.

205 Ready...Aim...
Working with a Tokyo police officer, Five-O tries to locate the source of a gun smuggling ring which is sending handguns to Japan.

206 Elegy in a rain forest
A maniacal rapist-murderer threatens the daughter of the Hawaiian Attorney-General.

207 Dealer's choice--blackmail
A police officer is killed by a hit-and-run driver who turns out to be the head of the Honolulu gambling syndicate.

208 A Capitol crime
A senior citizen threatens to blow himself up with a group of hostages if his demands to stop the demolition of his home are not met.

209 To die in paradise
A popular female country and western singer is kidnapped for $500,000 ransom and it appears as if she and her abductors have perished at sea.

210 Blood money is hard to wash
A mainland gangster attempts to intimidate the owner of a football team into selling him the ball club so it can be used to launder syndicate money.

211 To kill a mind
When helping the Navy to search for a sunken Soviet submarine, McGarrett becomes suspicious when the sub's computer-storage disengage unit suddenly turns up.

212 Requiem for a saddle bronc rider
A missing rodeo cowboy is connected to the murder of a young man and woman who are dumped into the ocean.

213 See how she runs
The runaway teenage daughter of a legendary Los Angeles police detective is framed for murder, then vanishes into a hippie cult.

214 Practical jokes can kill you
A team of crooks enlist the aid of hang-glider enthusiasts to help them steal rifles from a military armory.

TENTH SEASON (1977-1978):

215 Up the rebels
An Irish terrorist engineers the hijacking of exotic new explosives from a military facility for the purpose of smuggling them to nothern Ireland.

216 You don't see many pirates these days
A wealthy shipping magnate enlists the aid of Five-O and the Coast Guard when one of his freighters is hijacked on the high seas.

217 The cop on the cover
An aggressive woman magazine writer becomes McGarrett's nagging, omnipresent critic as he investigates a puzzling kidnapping case.

218 The friends of Joey Kalima
McGarrett engages in a legal struggle with the Honolulu Police Department after a young officer, a friend of his, is accused of dereliction of duty.

219 Descent of the torches
Five-O seeks the killer of an archaeologist who may have died because he violated the lost grave of King Kamehameha.

220 The ninth step
The search for two fugitives who were involved in an armored track robbery is complicated by the return of the disgraced Honolulu cop whose drunken behavior seemingly permitted the robbery.

221 Shake hands with the man on the moon
McGarrett has to crack the facade of a U.S. astronaut turned real estate huckster to solve the murder of a crusading investigative reporter.

222 Deadly doubles
A tennis star decides to defect during a match in Honolulu at the same time as a staff member of the Eastern European team is murdered, which threatens to ignite into an international incident.

223 Deep cover
A U.S. Navy submarine officer is murdered on a Hawaiian beach at about the same time that a nearby mystery submarine is detected, heightening McGarrett's suspicions.

224 Tsunami
Clever university students engineer a phony tidal wave alert to pull off the heist of millions of dollars of jewellery.

225 East wind--ill wind
An exiled foreign leader dies in a swimming mishap that looks accidental, but the dead man's widow is convinced it was murder.

226 Tread the king's shadow
McGarrett becomes the watchdog for a love triangle involving a young couple and the girl's father who detests the boy because of his "lowborn" origin.

227 The big aloha
A young doctor is suspected in the murder of an elderly surgeon.

228 A short walk on the long shore
McGarrett goes undercover in the guise of a merchant seaman to find the killer of a labor-union reformer.

229 The silk trap
A young politician who is considered prime presidential material is being blackmailed in an effort to force him to smother an explosive congressional investigation that he is directing.

230 Head to head
McGarrett, in pursuing a big time drug dealer suspected of murdering an HPD officer, finds himself in bitter conflict with a federal agent.

231 Tall on the wave
McGarrett and Danno are enmeshed with a pair of frightened surfers, one of whom was responsible for the death of a girl, and the other is suspected of it.

232 Angel in blue
An undercover lady cop, used during an investigation despite McGarrett's objections, becomes involved with a young man connected to the case.

233 When does a war end?
A Japanese-American businessman's companies are bombed by a young man whose father suffered in a prison camp during the Second World War.

234 Invitation to murder
McGarrett is caught up in a series of puzzling murders immediately following the death of a famed artist.

235 Frozen assets
A mystery writer examines strange occurrences in experiments with a cryogenics institute.

236 My friend, the enemy
An international news reporter whose unwillingness to reveal her source for an impending kidnapping creates an international incident involving the Middle East.

237 A stranger in his grave
The discovery of the body of a wealthy horse breeder in a cane field startles his wife who had him buried four months earlier.

238 A death in the family
Chin Ho Kelly, longtime Five-O associate, is caught in the middle of an undercover operation and murdered.

ELEVENTH SEASON (1978-1979):

239 The sleeper
A planted agent has infiltrated a research organization where experimentation with forced hypnosis is being conducted.

240 Horoscope for murder
The only link in a series of seemingly unrelated killings may lie in a common horoscope cast by a famous astrologer.

241 Deadly courier
The explosion of a bomb-rigged briefcase sets off a bizarre chain of events, including death, drugged deception and espionage.

242 The case against Philip Christie
McGarrett, serving on a jury, casts the only dissenting vote in a murder trial, holding out for finding the defendant innocent.

243 Small potatoes
The top man in the Hawaiian crime syndicate arranges for a high-living jet setter to entrap McGarrett.

244 A distant thunder
Danno goes undercover as a Nazi to investigate the hate campaign against a Hawaiian Congressional hopeful.

245 Death mask
King Tutankhamen's golden mask is stolen during a Hawaiian exhibition.

246 The pagoda factor
McGarrett arranges for the escape of a convict so that the man can gather information about the Chinese Mafia in Honolulu.

247 A long time ago
Danno encounters an old girl friend who has been arrested for shoplifting in Honolulu, and his life is further complicated when she is linked with a neurotic murderer.

248 Why won't Linda die?
When a Canadian politician is the victim of a hit-and-run accident, McGarrett is faced with one of Five-O's most bizarre cases.

249 The miracle man
A visiting evangelist's behavior draws suspicions after he is the subject of an assassination attempt.

250 Number one with a bullet, part I
251 Number one with a bullet, part II
The mainland syndicate tries to muscle in on the Hawaiian music business, already under the control of local gangsters, and a mob war may be imminent.

252 The Meighan conspiracy
A fortress-like, burglar-proof Honolulu bank is robbed of a fortune, and Five-O is stumped.

253 The spirit is Willie
An elderly mystery writer is convinced that the death of her niece's husband was part of a scheme to bilk her niece of her money.

254 The bark and the bite
McGarrett's advice to a young socialite regarding a valuable ruby in her possession goes unheeded.

255 Stringer
A songwriter attempts to blackmail an influence peddler after he takes a picture of the man meeting with a local mob boss.

256 The execution file
McGarrett goes after an ex-cop whom he suspects of murdering several Honolulu pimps.

257 A very personal matter
McGarrett suspects a doctor of illegally supplying drugs despite the doctor's persuasive claim that he is ethical and law abiding.

258 The skyline killer
McGarrett's quest for a maniac is hampered by a writer who wants to reap big bucks by getting to the multiple-murderer first.

259 The year of the horse
McGarrett and Danno head to Singapore to investigate a heroin-smuggling ring after the Governor's office is implicated in the operation.

TWELFTH SEASON (1979-1980):

260 A lion in the streets
McGarrett finds himself caught in the crossfire as a faction of embattled Hawaiian union workers take on the Islands' underworld.

261 Who says cops don't cry
After a Honolulu policewoman witnesses her husband being gunned down by bandits, she embarks on a risky personal crusade to bring them to justice.

262 Though the heavens fall
A ring of high-society vigilantes are determined to see that justice is done -- even if they have to do it themselves.

263 Sign of the ram
An astrologer's ominous warnings tempt the skeptical McGarrett to follow her clues in his investigation of a murder.

264 Good help is hard to find
The Five-O office is bugged and one of the team is accused of being crooked as a local mob boss attempts to make Five-O look foolish and inept.

265 Image of fear
Someone is trying to convince a woman and everyone she knows that she is mentally ill and the frightening attacks on her life are only imaginary, but McGarrett isn't buying it.

266 Use a gun, go to hell
Five-O follows the trail of pain and death left by a handgun, hoping to recover it before it can wreak more havoc.

267 Voice of terror
McGarrett confronts a pair of political terrorists who are threatening to kill their policewoman-hostage unless their demands are met.

268 A shallow grave
McGarrett has to deal with apparent psychic phenomena as he tries to trace the whereabouts of a jewel cache worth $2 million.

269 The kahuna
When the inhabitants of a privately owned Hawaiian island dig up the remains of two young people and bury them at sea to insure that autopsies will not be performed, Five-O launches an investigation into the reputedly accidental deaths.

270 Labyrinth
Five-O tries to solve the kidnapping of a wealthy socialite despite the objections of her husband, who insists that if the police are involved his wife will be killed.

271 School for assassins
McGarrett and Five-O encounter international forces who will stop at nothing -- including murder by schooled assassins -- to try to insure the failure of a meeting of energy ministers.

272 For old times sake
An aging counterfeiter returns to his old game for a worthy cause, but he fails to forsee the problems that result.

273 The golden noose
McGarrett is suspicious of the aide-de-camp to a southeast Asian premier who arrives in Honolulu to retrieve $150 million in gold being held for the country's treasury.

274 The flight of the jewels
Clever students use radio-controlled airplanes to steal priceless royal jewels from an exhibition in Honolulu.

275 Clash of shadows
The murder in Hawaii of a famous Nazi-hunter and the discovery on his bullet-riddled body of a rare World War II German medal pulls McGarrett and Five-O into the search for a Nazi war criminal.

276 A bird in hand...
A band of innocuous birdwatchers is the target of a bloody vendetta.

277 The Moroville covenant
A political candidate's promising bid for the U.S. Senate is endangered by the murder of a man who tried to blackmail him.

278 Woe to Wo Fat*
In order to investigate the disappearance of three world-famous scientists, McGarrett disguises himself as one of their colleagues and finds himself once again locked in combat with archvillain Wo Fat.

* Shows featuring Wo Fat